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exact temperature control, inc.

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furnaces air conditioning refrigerators and coolers laboratories and cryogenics

laboratories, cryogenics, and very low cooling

manufacturing and testing laboratories rely on super cold temperatures for material manipulation and stress testing. while "cookie cutter" test chambers can sometimes fulfill your needs they can also be very expensive due to the additional equipment built into them which you may not need. we can build a chamber or cooling system to meet your individual needs that operates efficiently and reliably. whether it's h.a.s.t., h.a.l.t. or other custom needs we can provide the experience and expertise to get the job done. we've even layered ice on the fuselage of a commercial airplane (on their site) for testing purposes. we build custom chambers to operate at temperatures from -120 f to +185 f and beyond.


we provide:

  • emergency repair services
  • scheduled maintenance
  • system upgrades
  • system replacements
  • new system installations
  • equipment sales
  • consulting services
  • specialty exhaust systems