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exact temperature control, inc.

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refrigerators and coolers

refrigeration safeguards our food supply and other heat sensitive, perishable items by preserving freshness during processing, transport, storage and preparation. whether its 10 cubic feet or 1,000,000 cubic feet we can handle it. we can provide the expertise to properly design, build and maintain these critical devices.

freezers are similar in function to refrigerators however, they differ in a few critical ways. first is temperature range and second is the requirement of a good defrost system to remove any ice buildup from system while operating. from 32 f to -25 f these systems must be built and maintained properly to ensure that the high value contents are kept safe from spoilage.


we provide:

  • emergency repair services
  • scheduled maintenance
  • system upgrades
  • system replacements
  • new system installations
  • equipment sales
  • consulting services
  • specialty exhaust systems